Debate competition 2075

Posted on: 01 Jan 2019

Debate competition 2075 was organized by the “Readers Club” of batch 2075/76 on 16th Poush, Monday. The competition was successfully completed in the auspicious presence of the Vice-Principal Mr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary, CCA Incharge Mr. Deepak Regmi, ECA Incharge Mr. Krishna Raj Joshi, Mr. Prakash Rimal and Mr. Mahabir Poudyal from the English Department and Mahesh Karki from the Nepali Department.

The competition was completed in two rounds with the active participation of both grade XI & XII students and the assistance of Readers Club members. Two teams each for Nepali and English were first made to debate for and against the motion. And one sub-team from each of these teams advanced to the second round. In the Nepali debate: Malika Khatiwada (E2), Sandeep Shrestha (B2), Krishma Kiran Khadka (G2) and Ramjee Poudyal (H1) secured the first position. In the English debate. Saumya Bhandari (K2), Ashutosh Adhikari (N2) & Trishna Tamang (G2) were able to stand first.

Malika Khatiwada (E2) & Samprad Raja Uprety (N2) took home the “Best Speaker” Award in Nepali & English debate respectively.