हुँदैन बिहान मिर्मिरेमा तारा झरेर नगए

बन्दैन मुलुक दुई-चार सपूत मरेर नगए!

Saraswati Pooja 2079.

सरस्वती मया दृष्टा वीणापुस्तकधारिणी

हंसवाहनसंयुक्ता विद्यादानं करोतु मे…

Happy New Year-2023

As we say goodbye to another year we have lived through and welcome the new one, it’s a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Let’s take a moment to be grateful for all the good things that have come along our way and the lessons we’ve learned. As we begin a new year filled with endless possibilities, let’s set our intentions and goals, and work towards making them a reality. Here we are to a bright and prosperous 2023, filled with love, laughter, and all those things that bring us joy. Happy New Year-2023 to you and your loved ones!