Head of Department

Head of Department Science
Mr. Dev Bahadur Khadka MSc (TU) 
Head of Department (Physics)
Email ID: [email protected]
Mobile No.: 9851111686
Mr. Yogendra Kuinkel MSc (TU) 
Head of Department (Chemistry)
Email ID: [email protected]
Mobile No.: 9851135727
 Mr. Dilli Ram Upreti ​ MSc (TU) 
Head of Department (Botany)
Email ID: [email protected]: 9841402281
Mr. Tara B. Gurung MSc (TU) Head of Department (Zoology)Email ID: [email protected]: 9841275251
 Mr. Prakash Rimal  MA/M Ed. (TU) Head of Department (English)Email ID: [email protected]: 9841518309Mr. Manoj Kumar Karn MTech (KU) Head of Department (Computer Science)Email ID: [email protected]: 9841343762
Mr. Agni Datta Joshi MSc (TU) Head of Department (Mathematics)Email ID: [email protected]: 9843500800Mr. Yadav Prasad Bhandari MPhil (TU) Head of Department (Nepali)Email ID: [email protected]: 9841595421
Head of Department Management
Mr. Khagendra Dhakal  MBS (TU)
Head of Department (Accountancy)
Email ID: [email protected]
Mobile: 9841919717
Mr. Yadav Gautam  MA (TU)Head of Department (Economics)Email ID: [email protected]: 9860234012
Mr. Bir Bahadur Chhetri MHM (IOU, India)Head of Department (Hotel Management)Email ID: [email protected]: 9841232524Mr. Narayan Pokhrel  MBS (TU) Head of Department (Susiness Studies & Marketing)Email ID: [email protected]: 9841116896
Dr. Chaudamani Pandey  PhD (NSU) Head of Department (Nepali)Email ID: [email protected]: 9851188197
Head of Department Law

The resourceful strength of teaching staff is the most decisive factor for success of an educational entity. The quality of
education delivered to a large extent depends upon the quality of teaching staff that is deployed by the organization.
Uniglobe SS has apt professional experts in its management team and the teaching faculties from diverse academic cultures.