Fee Structure

-- Fee Structure includes

  • Admission Fee,
  • Annual Fee,
  • Tuition Fee and
  • Lab Expenses

Admission Fee

--Admission Fee is payable at admission time (during Grade XI only).

Annual Fee

-- Total Annual Fee is payable at the beginning of the new academic year.

-- Annual Fee includes:

  • Student Welcome, Farewell, and Orientation
  • Management Information System - MIS, Virtual Class - VC, G-Suite, Techno Lab and Internet
  • Physical and Digital library
  • Internal Exams Fee
  • Sports and ECAs / CCAs activities
  • Student Welfare and First Aid
  • Workshop, Seminar & TrainingPractical Exhibition & Expo
  • Student Magazine, Bulletin and Publications

Tuition Fee

-- Tuition Fee is payable in five installments for each academic year OR in installment basis in advance.

Lab Expenses

-- Labs: Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Computer Science Lab & Hotel Management Lab 

-- Lab Expenses is payable in five installments for a year.



-- Transportation Cost is not included in Fee Structure

-- NEB Registration and NEB Exam Fees are not included in Fee Structure.

-- Re-examinations and Extra class charge are not included in Fee Structure

-- Pre-medical / Pre-engineering / Pre-CA charges are not included in Fee Structure.