Evaluation in +2 Management

Evaluation system comprises theory and practical marking in the subjects applicable with full observance of the evaluation scheme legitimized and made mandatory by HSEB, Nepal. Apart from final evaluation controlled by HSEB as the affiliating and apex body, UGHSS/ College tends to operate several formal and informal test- exams purporting to consolidate problem solving skills as well as train students to be able to respond to the upcoming test- related challenges. With an objective to enhance learning and delivering skills, students are regularly exposed to unit tests, mid -term and pre-board exams scheduled on fixed tenures.  The internal evaluation procedure comprises the following scheme:  In order to track student’s progress for the purpose of formative assessment, UGHSS/ College holds several formal and informal tests, in each term and three main examinations. Class tests are held regularly in each subject. The final evaluation consists of the following criteria:

  • First Terminal Examination                             20%
  • Second Terminal Examination                        20%
  • Third Terminal (Pre-board) Examination           40%
  • Unit Tests                                                     10%
  • Homework and other assignments                  10%

Note :

  1. Terminal examination result shall be sum of unit tests and term exams.
  2. Students must obtain 40% marks to pass each subject.