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Uniglobe Secondary School’s +2 Law program ignites a passion for justice in aspiring legal minds. Fueled by a desire to understand the intricate workings of the legal system, students start on a comprehensive journey that equips them with the foundation to thrive in the dynamic world of law. Led by seasoned legal professionals with real-world courtroom experience, the program delves beyond mere theory. Students actively engage with the law through interactive case studies, mock trials, and legal simulations, solidifying their understanding and fostering practical application.

Uniglobe’s modern classrooms provide a stimulating environment for legal exploration. Here, students hone their critical thinking and analytical skills through thought-provoking debates and collaborative projects. They delve into the art of persuasive communication, strategic legal reasoning, and the importance of upholding ethical principles – hallmarks of a successful legal career. As students navigate the complexities of constitutional law, criminal justice, and legal procedure, they gain a solid foundation for pursuing a law degree and becoming the next generation of advocates and legal minds.

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Eligibility For +2 Law

To start on this exciting journey in law, we seek students with a strong academic foundation. While a minimum SEE GPA of 1.6 is important, we believe a passion for justice transcends numerical scores.

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Invest in Your Education
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Imagine classrooms that ignite curiosity, not simply lectures. You can unleash your inner scientist with our world-class facilities. From modern classrooms to well-equipped labs, our faculty provides the perfect environment for exploration and discovery.

Frequently ask Questions

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What are the types of programs offered by Uniglobe Secondary School?
Uniglobe Secondary School offers a diverse range of programs to equip you for your future career. We currently specialise in three distinct fields: Science, Management, and Law. Each program provides a strong foundation in its respective area, with Science focusing on scientific exploration and practical skills, Management fostering business acumen and leadership, and Law delving into legal principles and their practical applications.

Uniglobe Secondary School helps to make the admission process smooth and straightforward. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Get Counselling: Schedule a personalised counselling session to discuss program options.
  2. Fill Admission Form: Download the application form from our website or pick one up from admissions.
  3. Practice Paper: Prepare for the entrance exam with our practice papers and sample questions.
  4. Apply Now: Submit your completed application and supporting documents before the deadline.
Uniglobe Secondary School offers a student-centric learning environment with experienced faculty, modern facilities, and a focus on practical skills development. We also emphasise personalised guidance and support to ensure your academic success.
Uniglobe Secondary School provides a dynamic learning environment with modern classrooms, well-equipped labs for hands-on learning, a vast library for research, and tech-enabled teaching. Beyond academics, the college offers sports facilities and comfortable study spaces for a well-rounded student experience.
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Uniglobe Secondary School is Here to Guide You.
Any Doubts?

Let’s Get Connected

Uniglobe Secondary School is Here to Guide You.
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