Message from the Principal

The future dreams of a nation can get substantiated only if its youths are concurrently mobilized to grasp knowledge, skills and ideas. It must stand instrumental to controlling the changing situations and tackling the challenges of the 21st century.

A sound learning platform with proven efficiency geared to quality learning in the field of management, law, science and technology is fiercely crucial for achieving a superb vision in the 21st century academic milieu. Realizing the need of indomitable expertise in the areas of management, law, science and technology, Uniglobe has envisioned to help young dynamic scholars grab plethora of opportunities. Uniglobe practises innovative and explorative activities such as group project, leadership activities, critical and creative thinking activities, research activities, national and international science exhibitions to materialize its vision.

The sound and academically proven pedagogy blended with time-tested teaching learning technology applicable to achieving curricular objectives of Uniglobe SS/College convincingly adds up vigor to its highly professional teaching faculty who are appointed from diverse academic and intellectual portfolios of science, management and law streams.

I would be more than happy to welcome you in Uniglobe family to ensure your best future with commitments to your dreams.

Dr. Ganesh Regmi


PhD in Applied Physics