Our Philosophy

1. Vision

 Uniglobe SS aims to be a world-class, research driven, independent centre for Science, Management, Law and other disciplines of career significance. In pursuant to this essential and overarching vision, Uniglobe SS creates conducive learning environment appropriated with decency to groom and nurture potential individuals to be the future scientists, researchers, doctors, engineers, pilots, medical doctors, proficient technicians, business entrepreneurs, managers, legal experts, business leaders, and able citizens who shall be capable to serve themselves, their society and humanity at large.

2. Mission

The mission is to develop Uniglobe SS as a referral learning abode in the academic discipline of Management, Science, Law, and other areas of academic and career significance with boundless opportunities and career in the field of business administration, entrepreneurship and business leadership, and management in addition to research and invention in life-sciences; medical studies, engineering, technology, and more… by imparting time-tested and contextually relevant quality education in congenial environment deploying itself for service to humanity.

3. Objectives

In a conducive learning environment, Uniglobe SS aims at achieving the academic milestones as outlined herewith: Construct and disseminate research-driven knowledge in law, management, science and technology; Develop leadership in the field of business, science and technology, and in legal sector resulting from education guaranteed in innovative teaching – learning environment with special emphasis on problem solving methods and course delivery that is fully practical; Ensure conducive environment for business and entrepreneurial innovations, scientific discoveries and inventions in general and medical science, engineering and technology; and in the field of modern management studies; and è Contribute to the welfare and development of society at local, national and global level by ensuring quality education in management, science and technology.

4. Strategies

To achieve the above articulated milestones, Uniglobe SS adopts the following conceptual dimensions and strategic dynamics: Quality environment assured upon the strength of standardized in-built structural facilities and functional resourceful systems such as resourceful library, sophisticated and equipped modern laboratory, hygienic cafeteria, spacious playground, and techno friendly teaching aids; Pool of highly qualified and professional faculty having proven track record in the field of management and science education; Smart machine supported and IT assisted classroom delivery and project-based teaching; Most relevant vocational and professional courses designed to meet the objectives of basic accounting, foundational science, medical science, electronics and engineering courses; Regular assignments and scientific tracking system; and Eminent grading system based on universally accepted appraisal standards with quality at par excellence.