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I Wanna Be More Like Me

In the world of echoes, I yearn to be  A melody of myself, unique and free Shedding the masks off, embracing authenticity I wanna be more like ME, in pure simplicity.  Accept all my flaws with grace  Embracing the journey of finding my own pace  In the garden of empathy,

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Uniglobe SS - Skill Fest

The Uniglobe Skill Fest 2081

The Uniglobe Skill Fest 2081 is not just a week-long event but a golden opportunity specifically designed to cater to the needs of SEE-appeared students. Its main objective is to provide a platform for students to showcase their skills and talents and, more importantly.

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Uniglobe SS - Inquiry Open

Inquiry Open

Inquiry Open for our +2 Programs (Science, Management, and Law)!
Inquiry Open: https://forms.gle/MERXFWc9iDdPm1mP9
Whether you’re passionate about Science, Management, or Law, we’re here to help you excel.

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Uniglobe SS - Futsal prize

Uniglobe Futsal Frenzy 2024! ⚽

Get ready for the Uniglobe Futsal Frenzy 2024! ⚽
Register Now: https://forms.gle/3bpyYyMYyXNooagV9
Open to the students who appeared SEE in the year 2080. This is your chance to shine on the field.

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