Message from the Executive Director

Set within the world-class infrastructure, we present Uniglobe SS on the highest state of sophistication enriched with ultra-modern learning environment managed in intensely dedicated contribution of professional team of managers and experts in its faculty. As the internal management that includes logistics, operations, and facility enhancement expansions is under my everyday role as an executive director, using my professional expertise ISO certified internal quality auditor 9001:2015, I give my full efforts in keeping all systems function the best as would be indispensable to support the educational processes move on smoothly and effectively. In an effort to keep the environment sound, a multitude of academic, technological and learning ambiances are employed that integrate for education to build on the state-of-the-art referential quality scheme that is featured to be global benchmark.

In acknowledgement, finally, I would take this as honor to welcome you all for your prudent decision and choice to study at Uniglobe SS, to join our educational campaign that is… ‘Bringing the best together’…

Mansun KC


Director Uniglobe SS