Farewell Program – 2080

What an incredible moment filled with unforgettable performances and heartwarming participation! We are filled with mixed emotions as we bid farewell to the remarkable batch of 2079/80.

The talent that shone not only showcased the spirit and dedication of our students but also left an indelible mark on our school community. Every moment, from enchanting musical acts to poignant speeches, was a testament to our incredible journey.

While it is difficult to say goodbye, we know that the future holds endless possibilities for every one of our graduating students.

Congratulations to the class of 2080/81! Your legacy will forever live on at Uniglobe Secondary School.

Trios Musical Fest 2080

The curtains have closed on the Trios Musical Fest, but the memories will last a lifetime! From the breathtaking performances by The Elements, Rockheads, Velvets, and our talented college bands, to the electric atmosphere created by over a thousand passionate music lovers, it was an event to remember! Kudos to everyone who made it possible – your support and enthusiasm made all the difference! Let’s keep the music alive in our hearts until we meet again!

Old Age Home Visit

Uniglobe Social Club students embarked on a profound journey of compassion and connection, visiting the Child Care Centre and ‘Matatirtha’ Old Age Home in Kathmandu. Witnessing the joy and gratitude on the faces of the children and elderly filled our hearts with warmth and inspiration. Let’s continue spreading love and kindness wherever we go!

My Dream Pitch

Witness the triumph of innovation at the inaugural My Dream Pitch event, hosted by Uniglobe Think Tank Club! From 10 game-changing finalists to the inspiring presence of Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat, Honorable Finance Minister of Nepal, it was an electrifying success! Stay tuned as we pave the way for future editions!

Shree Tin Ko Sripesh’!

Relive the magic of ‘Shree Tin Ko Sripesh’! On the occasion of Democracy Day, the Orders Club and Theater Club came together to present an unforgettable performance that captured the spirit of democracy. Missed it? Stay tuned for more amazing events coming your way!


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to CA Nikesh Adhikari, a distinguished alumnus from the batch of 2074/76. We are elated to announce his exceptional achievement as the All Nepal Topper in the CA CAP III Dec 2023 exam. Nikesh’s dedication and academic excellence reflect the values instilled at our institution. We take immense pride in his success and wish him continued triumphs in his future endeavors. #UGSSAlumni #TopAchiever #SuccessInEducation #KnowledgeIsPower #UniglobeSecondarySchool #UGSS #bringingthebesttogether #UNIGLOBE #UniglobeKamaladi #BestCollege #BestHighSchool

Blood Donation Program 2024

Over 200 donors came together to support Uniglobe Social Club’s Blood Donation Program! Your incredible generosity has made a significant difference and touched countless lives. Thank you for your selflessness and commitment to saving lives. #BloodDonation #SaveLives #UniglobeCares #CommunityImpact #Gratitude #DonateBlood #UniglobeSecondarySchool #UGSS #bringingthebesttogether #UNIGLOBE #UniglobeKamaladi #BestCollege #BestHighSchool

Young Scientists Summit 2024

Another successful Young Scientists Summit wrapped up! Young minds from every corner of the nation showcased their brilliance with outstanding projects. Congrats to all winners, who will proudly represent us at APCYS 2024 this September! #YoungScientists #STEMeducation #FutureLeaders #ScienceSummit #InnovationNation #YouthInScience #APCYS2024 #ScienceFair #STEMinspiration #ResearchRocks #NextGenScientists #BrightMinds #STEMtalent #ScienceCommunity #InspiringYouth #InnovativeMinds #STEMforAll #EmpoweringYouth #YouthEmpowerment #ResearchExcellence #ScienceIsCool #ChangingTheWorld UnglobeSecondarySchool #UGSS #bringingthebesttogether #UNIGLOBE #UniglobeKamaladi