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I Wanna Be More Like Me

In the world of echoes, I yearn to be  A melody of myself, unique and free Shedding the masks off, embracing authenticity I wanna be more like ME, in pure simplicity.  Accept all my flaws with grace  Embracing the journey of finding my own pace  In the garden of empathy, the seeds I sow To be more kind and loving, to help people in low. A river of generosity and giving  I wanna be more like me, an example of compassionate living In the echos of my scars, forgiveness will rise An armor of strength, where peace and compassion lies.  No need for approval, no need to pretend I will be myself, from start to end. No need for imitation, no need to copy  I wanna be me, just wild and free. Perfectly imperfect, I stand tall In the symphony of life, the grandest of all. Facing the darkest of night,  Emerging stronger, reaching new heights With every breath, every step I take I’ll cherish the essence of being wide awake From the embers of hurt, a phoenix I’ll be  I will be more like me, a spirit flight-free. By: Sloka Bhattarai (Science, I2)