General Information

Dress Codes: All the Students of UGHSS

  1. must put on college dress to be present in the class.
  2. Must maintain crew cut hair (boys) without color.
  3. Must maintain tie-knot properly
  4. Must tuck the shirt inside the pant
  5. Must not put by short top dress
  6. Must wear black leather belt and shoes
  7. May use black color scarf/muffler during winter season, if required, and
  8. Are strictly prohibited to have: fancy studs, dyed hair, jewelries, cosmetics, expensive, flashing and fashionable dresses.

Cell phone using Codes:

  1. Students are NOT allowed to use mobile phones inside the college premises.
  2. Students must submit cell phone at the college gate and take phone coupon from the college administration on every class day. After the classes are over, cell phone shall be made available providing the coupon. Incase of loss of the coupon, it must be reported immediately to the administration.
  3. If a cell phone is found in the class, it will be seized for whole academic session and the concerned students will be suspended for 2 (Two) days. Cell phone will not be allowed during terminal examinations as we found then action be taken as the college policy.
  4. During emergency, college may allow students to the cell upon acquiring permission from the administration.
  5. The college shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of cell phones if carried in the classrooms.
  6. College is not responsible for the lost and misplaced cell phone.

Attendance Rule :

  1. A minimum of 90% attendance is a must to be qualified for the NEB final examinations.
  2. Absentees, without prior written application or without prior call by the parents/guardians, must pay a fine of Rs. 100.00 per day.
  3. Students who remain absent should inform to the college by phone call on the very day and must produce guardian-signed application on the next day to approve the leave.
  4. If students are found to bunk the class for the first time then they will be suspended for two days andif it repeats they can be expelled also.
  5. Absence due to ill health should be informed promptly. Guardians or parents should be authenticate the leave application by signing on it and the doctor’s prescription-if possible.  
  6. Students who remain absent without prior information to the college administration for more than 15 days are subjected to expulsion from the college.

Examination Codes:

  1. The college conducts three terminal exams and three unit tests in an academic session.
  2. If the students remains absent in the Term Examination, he/she will be liable to pay Rs. 500.00  per subjects as a fine.
  3. Parents/Guardians must accompany their wards to the college administration on the day of Report Card  Distribution to collect the results of terminal examination.
  4. Students must score at least 40 percent marks in Second Terminal Examination to be qualified to fill up the Board Examination Form.
  5. Students who fail and remain absent in the terminal examinations must  appear in retest for which a sum of Rs. 200.00 will be charged per subject as retest examination fees.
  6. Students must follow examination codes developed by the college.