Sports & Creative Week 2077

Uniglobe SS has created plenty of space for various kinds of sports; outdoor as well as indoor games that the college organizes for students. In lead of the college sports club represented and coordinated by students in guidance of sportsmen appointed as coaches, the sports facilities are used by students at Uniglobe SS. Some of the most popular sports are given space at Uniglobe SS. Generally, out-door games are organized by the students’ club for the interested students in the model of competition participated by students from different programs in the model of inter-program competitions. Besides, Uniglobe SS students get plentiful opportunities to participate in the inter-college sports competitions as well as a number of sports organized during the annual fiesta or sports meet taking place annually. The annual sports meet is a grand event at Uniglobe SS. This event is attended by all students in the size of full house and the main objective of this program is to lend all students an exposure to sports education that is essential not only for fitness and health but also its role in motivating students to learn working in team and group and build level of confidence. Uniglobe SS has basketball ground which is at the par the standard required in size. There is futsal ground at Uniglobe SS currently. The grounds are also availed with TT Boards, Badminton court and sports venues for indoor games.