Uniglobe SS/College accommodates highly competitive, versatile, experienced, and professional staff with the proven track–record at national and international level. At Uniglobe, we firmly believe that the performance of the organization directly depends upon the caliber of the human resource and support – services to the students.

Teaching faculty and administrative staff have been prudently selected to deliver the best services. Further, Uniglobe provides its faculty with a regular exposure to national as well as international seminars, workshops and training programs to help them develop required professional skills. The performance of each staff is reviewed every year using systematic appraisal tools to make sure of the quality of their services.

Academic Department

Academic Department is the major department of Uniglobe SS/ College. The department is further divided into subsections handled by a Head of the Department from the faculty having strong academic profile in the relevant field. Each department consists of a number of full-time, part-time and visiting faculties. The major academic departments are:

  • Physics Department
  • Chemistry Department
  • Biology Department
  • Mathematics Department
  • English & Communication Department
  • Nepali Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Economics Department
  • Business Studies Department
  • Computer Science Department

Administrative Department

The administrative department comprises the positions as directors, managers and attendants deputed to work and mobilized under the leadership of the principal. The management team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the college. Its major responsibility is to implement the policies, procedures, plans and targets set by the Board. There are full time competent and trained professional staff members at the front desk, the revenue and account section, the examination department, the library, the computer lab, and the science lab appointed and attending to maintain learning support requisites. The major administrative departments are:

  • Academic Administrative Department
  • Non-Academic Administrative Department
  • Finance and Account Department
  • Information Technology(IT) Department
  • ECA / CCA Department
  • Examination Department
  • Discipline Committee
  • Information Resource Centre (IRC)
  • Research Department
  • Guidance/Career Counseling
  • Transportation Department
  • Logistic and Sanitary Department
  • Security Management

Administrative Department

Ashok Kumar Choudhary
Email ID: [email protected]
Mansun KC
Executive Director
Email ID: [email protected]
Govinda Ballab Joshi
Program Coordinator, Science Stream
Email ID: [email protected]

Shekhar Adhikari
Program Coordinator, Management & Law Stream
Email ID: [email protected]
Deepak Regmi
In- charge, CCA & ECA
Email ID: [email protected]
Surendra Singh Samant
Admin & Operation Officer
Email ID: [email protected]
Suman Maharjan
In-Charge, Sports 
Email ID: [email protected]
Nischal Tandukar
Instructor, Sports
Email ID: [email protected]
Sharada Upreti
Discipline Counselor
Email ID: [email protected]
Hari Prasad Bakhrel
Lab Assistant, BotanyEmail ID: [email protected]
Bharat Jung Khadka
Lab Assistant, Chemistry
Email ID: [email protected]
Mahesh Singh Karki
Lab In-charge, Chemistry
Email ID: [email protected]
Rama Bhandari
Lab Assistant, Physics
Email ID: [email protected]
Sharmila Pyakurel
Lab Assistant, Zology
Communication Department
Yasmine Manandhar
Officer, Information and Communication
Email ID:[email protected]
Deepa Shrestha
Officer, Information and Communication
Email ID: [email protected]
Finance and Account Department
Maheswar Ojha
Senior Officer, Finance and Account
Email ID: [email protected]
Narayan Prasad Bhusal
Officer, Finance and Account
Email ID: [email protected]
Department of Examination
Raju Koirala
In-charge, Examination
Email ID: [email protected]
Harish Bhatta
Officer, Examination
Email ID: [email protected]

Information and Resource Centre
Sharad Basnet
In-charge, Information and Resource Centre
Email ID: [email protected]
Dhirendra Bahadur Bam
Officer, Store & Publication 
Email ID:[email protected]
Information Technology (IT) Department
Anil Pantha
In-Charge, Information Technology (IT)
Email ID: [email protected]
Dinesh Adhikari
Officer, Information Technology (IT)

Deependra Bhatta
Officer, Information Technology (IT)
Dipesh Chaudhary
Documentation Officer
Transportation Department
Rajesh Thapa
Driver, Transportation
Hari Krishna Basnet
Driver, Transportation
Binod Singh Saud
Dan Singh Karki
Logistic and Sanitary Department
Anita Dhami
Milan Chaudhary
Jayanti Poudel
Bhagwati Lama
Milan Chaudhary
Kopila Khadka
Pradip Joshi
Rudra Bahadur Khadka
Shyam Rana Magar
Messenger, Logistic and Sanitary 
Ravi Chand
Khagendra Singh
Messenger, Logistic and Sanitary 
Security Management
Arjun Kumar Giri
Security Head, Security Management
Keshab Bhandari
Security Guard