About Law Program

About Law Program:

If someone is seeking to start their career in the administrative/legal sector then a degree in Law provides the perfect platform for putting you on the right path. Law is the most exciting and most popular courses for both home and international students.  It is an instrument to transform static society to dynamic. It is the means to translate the voice of people to access justice in society.

Beyond the monetary incentives, there is a lot of prestige in being the lawyer and it is a profession with a high level of academic knowledge and hard work required to succeed, lawyers enjoy a strong professional status. From writers to politicians to freedom fighter, Lawyers have donned many hats. Mathama Gandhi, Barrack Obama…Tony Blair…and many more.

Law is an attractive subject and popular choice in any country because of its fantastic career prospects.  Nepal is not an exception. The history of the judicial system of Nepal has gone through various phases i.e. un- codified to codified laws: from kingdom to republic, from customary to legislative and From Janga Bhadur’s Muluki Ain to Nepal’s new criminal and Civil code 2075.

Introducing Law at +2 level in Uniglobe provides our prospects students a diverse range of skills that are not only crucial to becoming a lawyer but will help them to thrive in a number of professional roles. A few of the skills our students will master include

(a). Research. (b) Evaluation (c). Communication (both in Nepali and English) (d) Analysis and ( e) critical Judgment.

Our students of law can become intellectual authority who can speak up for justice they can be the social engineer once they move ahead in this field with a good amount of hard work with no short-cuts.

+2 Law program at Uniglobe provides our students an ample of opportunities to build on this knowledge with a wider range of valuable theoretical and practical ideas from lived experienced people. The college will provide a high public lecture to enlighten the leaders of tomorrow. The course will equip our students with a broad understanding of key legal principles, various legal systems, and also institutions with political, social economic and cultural dimension in which the law operates.

We provide an excellent teaching-learning environment inside and outside the classroom. Most of the teaching faculties are leading researcher and lawyer, whose extra-dimensional insight to look the society from various perspectives helps our student to be an independent thinker in their daily and professional life. Our student will learn how the law is made and administered and explore the inter-relationship between the law, individual and society.

Taught in small group workshop by qualified lawyers with considerable practice experience, our students will benefit from learning resources and personal feedback from our tutors. We prepare our students for the future degree during +2 levels so, they can enthusiastically speed up with academic skills and a firm grounding in the subject. Students then go on to study the full undergraduate degree either in the home or abroad.

Our team is dedicated to training our students in such a way that their future career will influence the lives of millions of people around the globe. We will always engage our student to serve people by fighting for their justice rather than making law as an instrument of making money.

It is not necessary for law graduates to practice only in court but various corporate houses, law firms, administrative and judicial firm.

Some potential area after having a law degree:

  1. Litigation/ advocacy
  2. Civil services
  3. Public prosecutor
  4. Legal secretaries
  5. Judiciary
  6. Research
  7. Politics
  8. Diplomats
  9. Academics
  10. Negotiation and conflict resolution
  11. Bank and financial institution
  12. NGO/INGO and many more.
  13. Entrepreneurship