Resources & Facilities

Most Appealing Premises

Uniglobe Secondary School operates all its academic programs in a cost effective but very congenial environment enriched with ultra- modern facilities. The school premises are amiably designed with the green and pleasant study parks, sports ground and interior ambiances attracting the students for off time studies in peaceful environment. Students can chose to study references in the library hall attended by the librarians from morning working hours to evening or they can sit in the gardens for their self -study time. The entire premises are kept tidy, pleasant and calm appropriated for study purpose throughout the year.  Besides, interior campus of the school is exceptionally facilitated with the central AC system along with the mesmeric decorations that give a sense of homely environment.

Conference Hall

Uniglobe Secondary School has very spacious and well equipped conference hall with the capacity of more than 300 seats. The conference hall is a techno –equipped place where various kinds of co-curricular activities such as stage performance programs, conferences, presentations, talk shows, exhibitions, and many more are organized. The conference hall is designed in abundance with AC, multimedia, performance friendly stage structures, and other essential facilities giving it a central scenic view in line with several modernized physical and non- physical facilities that give it outshining image over any comparison with contemporary institutions in the field.    


Uniglobe Secondary School provides updated and resourceful library facility to assist making teaching-learning process to become enriched and complete. The library has a wide collection of books on science and management, encyclopedias, dictionaries, periodicals (journals, magazines, bulletins etc.), multimedia and soft learning devices. The stock of audiovisual materials in addition to an access to e- library is ever extended with a view to ascertain wide range of self-study experience. 

Computer lab

Uniglobe Secondary School is incomparably enriched with computer lab consisting of branded LED computers with unlimited internet facilities. It is a full -time operating section at Uniglobe Secondary School designed to provide an easy and coveted access for the learning minds to explore through cloud- based technology that in fact adds significant value to learning of science and management.  


Health and hygiene factor is essentially an area of prime focus associating learning environment for productivity at Uniglobe Secondary School. We believe that cafeteria is one of the most crucial determinants. Both short and long term health related issues are closely intertwined with its quality and sanitation status that eventually affect service receiving individuals through processed food and beverage qualities offered. Hygienic and quality food is indispensable to ensure effectiveness from the personnel who need to exert mental energy for intellectual task. Hence, our cafeteria is managed with quality services with standard menu on breakfast, snacks and main courses.   Varieties of health friendly local as well as continental menu guaranteed of quality are served at reasonable cost.


Motivation is a very important stimulus required to reinforce learners to progress in their academic performance.  Students fairly require on partial as well as regular basis their self-intuited participation in varying fun oriented activities in line with their academic involvement at the fullest. With a sense of supplying students with refreshing environment that would motivate them to emanate best out of their latent capability, Uniglobe Secondary School  exposes them to ample opportunities of outdoor as well as indoor games such as Futsal, cricket, basketball, badminton, table tennis, wood ball, and more.  Outdoor sport events are held in the form of regular inter-section competition based matches. Besides, plenty of opportunities are created for students to maintain their fitness and health through non-competition based sports activities along with a plethora of non-physical but intellectual sports.


Uniglobe Secondary School deputes a number of buses as needed for convenient and unrestricted conveyance facilities. The buses as well as student friendly micro- buses are operated for students to receive transportation services from any part of ring road within Kathmandu.

Class Rooms

Uniglobe Secondary School classrooms are indeed real places designed to ensure high learning outcomes supported by benchmark standards such as AC support, fire alarm, smoke detector, air ducts, multimedia, and high speed internet. The look and facilities of the classroom match with the high-tech class designs that bear all the features of appealing ambience and learning aids.