Evaluation in +2 Science

Evaluation procedure comprises practical and theory based marking system with full observance of the evaluation scheme as legitimized and made mandatory by NEB, Nepal. Apart from final evaluation in numerical marks system controlled by NEB as the affiliating and apex body, Uniglobe SS/College operates several formal and informal test- exams purporting to consolidate problem solving skills as well as train students to be able to respond to the upcoming test-related challenges. Students are regularly exposed to unit tests, term exams scheduled on fixed tenures.  The internal evaluation procedure comprises the scheme as; One Unit Test, two Saturday tests (techno-lab) and one cycle test in each term and three Terminal examinations. Class tests are held regularly in each subject. The final evaluation of students consists of the following criteria:

  1. Terminal Examination —   20%
  2. Terminal Examination — 20%
  3. Terminal (Send-up) Examination — 40%
  4. Unit and cycle tests – 10%
  5. Saturday (Techno-lab) tests & Assignments — 10%


Students must obtain 40% marks to pass each subject.